Andersons continue to outperform market


May 5, 2017

While the property market continues to present challenges there are definitely still reasons to be encouraged going forward. It is however important that sellers choose agents who will be committed to achieving the best sales price whether that be at a closing date or by negotiation. We have all seen the glitzy (and expensive) advertising campaigns by the online agents but in our experience the savings they are claiming are far from accurate. Additionally sellers should always consider the importance of marketing their property in such a way as to achieve the best sales price rather than the lowest sales fee. Saving £400 and losing £10,000 is no great bargain! At Andersons we are encouraged that we continue to have the largest market share (over the past year we have had 54.5 % of the market measured against the other top 4 agents currently operating in KY13). However of greater significance to us is that from this high starting point we have outperformed this market share in terms of acceptable offers received. Over the same calendar year, again judged against the same agents (including online agents), we have a 61.1% share of the properties sold.

Local Market Share Pie Chart      Properties Sold Pie Chart