Save a penny to lose a pound…or maybe £20,000?


August 4, 2017

We are all aware of numerous on-line “estate agents” now operating throughout the country. We have also seen their glossy advertising campaigns claiming they are many thousands of pounds cheaper than High Street agents. Well some of them may charge marginally less but not nearly as much as they claim. Indeed many expect to be paid their fees whether they sell your property or not! We have had many sellers come to us a few months down the line with horror stories. (Always read the small print remains the best advice). Recently we inherited a property from an online agent. Fortunately the “offer” they had secured (“the very best that the market was offering”) fell apart when passed to their on-line conveyancers. On moving to Andersons another offer was negotiated which was more than £20,000 higher. Penny wise, pound foolish anyone? Don’t be caught out.

John Kenny

Property Manager